Friday, May 13, 2011

Grandma's Chairs

So these are the really cool 1960's chairs I inherited from my grandmother (with Bandit in the background).

There are two of them:

And they're really beautiful walnut and sturdy as anything.  I've been thinking about recovering them for years.  The fabric on them now is not terrible, but needs some updating, no question.  I actually proposed the idea of painting them white for a really contemporary look, but my mother almost had a bloody cow!  So I'll just be having them reupholstered once we get to Toronto.  Although I can do some simple upholstery myself, this is a really complicated project, so I'll find someone else to do it.

But fabric choice is really complicated for these chairs because they've got alot going on.  Here's a photo of the fabric I've chosen:

A nice white background with light grey pattern.  It's called Lattice Tuscany.  I thought we would get a new sofa from Ikea, one that's modern, with square arms and a chaise at one end.  But we'll have to wait till we get to Toronto for that.  I wonder if Sarah Richardson will give me reference for an upholsterer?

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